Book Cover for Voland & Quist

For Magdalena Jagelkes new book. Ein gutes Verbrechen” I designed the the book cover. It’s a story about a 15 year old girl that is left by her single mother.


Hanseatic Bank

Assigned by Eiga Design/Hamburg I did a series of illustrations for a brochure of Hanseatic Bank. The topic was "Simplify your life".

Hanseatic_simple life_web.jpg

Papier Magazine & General Secretariat of European Affairs

As part of a collaboration on Dimanche studio and the General Secretariat of European Affairs, an illustration magazine on the theme of Europe will be produced for the anniversary of the 70 years of the European Union. The drawings had to focus on reflecting what the European Union brings to the day-to-day life of European citizens, and to the future. This is my contribution.


Konfuzius Magazine

It was a honor to make 15 Iillustrations for the current issue of Konfuzius Magazine about chinese music. Here you see a page with a german/chinese glossary about rock music.


Google Doodle

This Saturday October 7th my Google Doodle to celebrate the 172th birthday of Wilhelm Bertelmann the inventor of the Strandkorb was online for 24 hours on the Google opening page. I build the paper artwork three-dimensional. The image was taken by the still life photographer Jan Burwick.